Anonymous Complaint, Fraud, Ethics and Whistleblower Reporting

The Illinois Law Enforcement Alarm System takes its role as fiduciary for numerous state and federal grant programs very seriously. Over the years, many millions of tax payer dollars have been directed to a number of various first responder agencies with the aid and oversight of ILEAS financial management programs and staff. 

ILEAS is extremely interested in learning about, and immediately correcting, any issue within its scope of responsibility that represents waste, mismanagement, fraud or un-ethical behavior to include the reporting of Sexual Harassment incidents within the organization or its employees. In order to make reporting these types of problems or concerns simple and anonymous, the link below has been provided. If you wish to file a report, enter your concerns in the narrative area. You are not required to provide identifying information, however, you may in the event you want to be contacted or notified of any investigative results. All comments should be directed to the Chief of Staff per ILEAS policy unless you believe it is more appropriate to correspond with the Executive Director.

For a copy of the current “Fraud, Ethics and Whistleblower” policy, you can call ILEAS at 217-328-3800 or email the Chief of Staff at