BAO LMS Update

ILEAS fully understands that virtually every agency statewide is having an issue with BAO recertifications.  We want you to know that a lot of work is going on in the background every day to solve this problem.  ISP and ILEAS have been working to develop a solution that will benefit everyone.  That solution is forthcoming in the very near future. Within the next two weeks or so, there will be an online method for agencies to recertify ALL of their qualified BAO operators.  Prior to that a few days of a pilot testing for a few dozen agencies will occur so that we can test our solution.  A more detailed email to all agencies will follow in the next few days explaining the process.  In the meantime we continue every day to work to recertify operators approaching the 4 year mark, issue certificates for newly trained operators and ISP/ILEAS continue to assist State’s Attorneys and agencies by providing approved certificates for court cases. Please have a bit more patience. We are confident that once this gets opened up, every agency will have the opportunity to get completely caught up with every operator.