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We strive to meet the needs of law enforcement throughout the state of Illinois in matters of mutual aid, emergency response, and the combining of resources for public safety.


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Featured News

Accepting Applications for Regional Planning Coordinator in Dupage/Cook Co.

           The Illinois Law Enforcement Alarm System is seeking an ideal candidate to fill the position of Regional Planning Coordinator, to primarily serve the emergency preparedness and response needs of law enforcement agencies located in DuPage and Central Cook County.  In order to avoid an unreasonable amount of travel, candidates’ residency within the served region will be an important consideration.



If you or a member of your agency is an EoTech holographic weapon sight (HWS) user, you need to take note of this. Last month, it was announced that L-3 Communications (the parent company of EoTech), had reached a $25 million settlement with the Federal Government over problems with their optics. You can read the entire settlement here:

Lost Person App For First Responders

When someone goes missing, the first few minutes and hours of the search are critical. A key to the success of search and rescue (SAR) teams is an aggressive, well-planned initial response. However, many times, first responders on scene in a missing person search don’t have the extensive training and development of initial search plans that specialized SAR teams have.  The Department of Homeland Security Science and Technology Directorate (S&T) First Responders Group recently released a mobile app, developed with the support of SAR teams around the nation, that provides step-by-step instructions on search plans for first responders and response teams. It provides search guidance, protocols and strategies used by SAR teams around the nation.

The Lost Person Behavior mobile app was released this spring and is available to download (for a fee) from Apple iTunes, Google Play and Since its release, the app has received two-five star reviews from the APCO International Application Community and has been used in actual SAR operations in Virginia.  The app provides guidance, tactical briefings, investigative questions, and statistics for over 40 different scenarios. These include lost hikers, hunters, children, missing vehicles, despondent individuals, dementia patients, and climbers. It also provides guidance for snow and water incidents. These protocols are currently used by our ILEAS partners of the Illinois Search and Rescue Council.

ILEAS Highlighted in Lt. Governor's Report

The Illinois Lieutenant Governor, Evelyn Sanguinetti, chaired the Local Government Consolidation and Unfunded Mandates Task Force.  The Task Force included, but was not limited to, members of the General Assembly, County Boards, Township government, School Boards, Chamber of Commerce, etc. Their 406 page report entitled, "Delivering Efficient, Effective and Streamlined Government to Illinois Taxpayers" was submitted to the Governor and the public on December 17, 2015.  This report was completed wtih support and assistance from the Northern Illinois University, Center for Governmental Studies. The report identifies a myriad of suggestions, issues and some best practices.  ILEAS is proud to report that we were highlighted in the report on pages 48-51 in the chapter entitled "Local  Consolidation and Resource Sharing Examples." The report summarizes what ILEAS is and how it saves local governments money and increases their effectiveness when it comes to the delivery of law enforcement services. MABAS is also included in the same chapter.  This is another example of ILEAS being recognized for its efficiency and effective work done to support local government in Illinois!

Urbana PD Seeking Assistance to Create a Peer Support Network in Region 7

The Urbana Police Department is exploring the development of a Peer Support Network in ILEAS Region 7.  UPD has developed an informational invitation to join them in this process.  Please click here to see the letter.  This is not a program that ILEAS is overseeing; However, ILEAS is distributing information and supporting UPD in their effort to get the Peer Support Network established. 

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