AVON FM12 Trade-in Program for ILEAS Members

Avon and Pro-Tech are offering ILEAS member agencies a trade-in program for FM12 respirators combined with a discount on the newer C50 Model.  The manufacturer end-of-life for the AVON FM12 is ten years.  Many of the masks that ILEAS distributed early on are now reaching that age.  In recent years, ILEAS has been distributing the more modern C50 masks as funds become available.  ILEAS did not solicit or negotiate this trade-in program - it was conceived and offered solely by the vendor.  Pro-Tech is the State of Illinois Master Contract holder for respirators.  For more information, click here for the promotional flyer.  Member agencies should contact the vendor directly. Any purchases made pursuant to this program should be in compliance with the member agency's purchasing policies.  ILEAS receives nothing from the sale of any item pursuant to this program.