Governing Board

ILEAS is divided into 8 geographic regions which are based (with one exception - Boone County is in Region 2 instead of Region 3) on Illinois Emergency Management Agency regions. Chiefs and Sheriffs from each region elect a chief of police and a sheriff to act as regional co-chairs. The ILEAS Governing Board is made up of:

  • 16 Regional Chief and Sheriff Co-Chairs 
  • 2 Representatives from Chicago PD
  • 1 Representative from the Illinois State Police
  • 1 Representative from the Illinois Sheriffs' Association
  • 1 Representative from the Illinois Association of Chiefs of Police

Any of the Governing Board members can appoint a permanent delegate to the Board. ILEAS has employees that administer the Federal Homeland Security grants which make up a majority of ILEAS funds. For specifics about the contract staff, please visit the Staff page.

The Governing Board generally meets at the ILEAS Training Center in Urbana on a bi-monthly basis.

If you are a board member and wish to know more information about upcoming board meetings Click Here.

If you wish to address the Governing Board during an open meeting, click here for a copy of the ILEAS Public Participation Policy.


IL Association of Chiefs of Police

Illinois Police Chiefs' Representative

Illinois State Police

Illinois State Police Representative