Governing Board

ILEAS is divided into 8 geographic regions which are based (with one exception - Boone County is in Region 2 instead of Region 3) on Illinois Emergency Management Agency regions. Chiefs and Sheriffs from each region elect a chief of police and a sheriff to act as regional co-chairs. The ILEAS Governing Board is made up of:

  • 16 Regional Chief and Sheriff Co-Chairs 
  • 2 Representatives from Chicago PD
  • 1 Representative from the Illinois State Police
  • 1 Representative from the Illinois Sheriffs' Association
  • 1 Representative from the Illinois Association of Chiefs of Police

Any of the Governing Board members can appoint a permanent delegate to the Board. Additionally, ILEAS has added advisory, non-voting ex-officio members to the Governing Board. The President of ILEAS has appointed an Executive Committee consisting of elected Governing Board Officers to manage the day-to-day activities. ILEAS has employees that administer the Federal Homeland Security grants which make up a majority of ILEAS funds. For specifics about the contract staff, please visit the Staff page.

ILEAS is a coalition/consortium of local agencies as established by law in Illinois. The Governing Board generally meets at the ILEAS Training Center in Urbana on a bi-monthly basis.

If you are a board member and wish to know more information about upcoming board meetings Click Here.


IL Association of Chiefs of Police

Illinois Police Chiefs' Representative

Illinois State Police

Illinois State Police Representative