Mobile Field Forces

Mission: ILEAS Mutual Aid Response Teams, also recognized as Mobile Field Forces, provide a rapid, organized and disciplined response to civil disorder and public safety emergencies that may occur during distribution of pharmaceuticals from the National Strategic Stockpile, weapons of mass destruction incidents, emergency situations, including natural or man-made disasters of various types, and routine local and statewide mutual aid which exceeds the effective ability of local enforcement.

Function: The Mobile Field Force is designed to provide rapid, organized and disciplined response to civil disorder, crowd control or other situations. Mobile Field Forces are formally structured teams based on a platoon of law enforcement officers from multiple agencies with an assigned leader. Tactics used are based on small squad tactics developed by the Office of Domestic Preparedness as well as the more traditional Mobile Field Force and general police patrol tactics. Officers are from ILEAS member agencies. 

A single team generally consists of four squads but its size may vary based on need, funding and the requisite authorization. A team may be supplemented by specialized units from ILEAS member agencies. Mobile Field Forces are modular with interoperable equipment, practices, procedures and uniforms, sub-groups of which may be detached and combined into new ad-hoc Mobile Field Forces as necessary. 

Mobile Field Forces will be capable of delivering the following basic, 24/7 law enforcement services within a designated geographic area:

  • Provide security at sites where pharmaceuticals from the National Strategic Stockpile are being distributed.
  • Provide evacuation assistance related to weapons of mass destruction.
  • Rescue victims or police officers under hazardous conditions.
  • Apprehend multiple offenders in crowd situations.
  • Isolate areas of civil disorder or disaster by the use of large, organized perimeters.
  • Control or disburse unruly crowds.
  • Other assignments as required or directed by ILEAS.
  • Act as the first response to EMAC requests from other states.
  • Provide supplemental law enforcement services to stricken jurisdictions by:
    • Promoting peace and civil order to protect people and property.
    • Rendering general police assistance to all in need.
    • Preventing and detecting crime and arrest violators.
    • Responding to calls for service and enforcing the local/state criminal laws if necessary.
    • Providing perimeter control/security of high value facilities or supplies.
    • Promoting traffic safety and enforcing vehicle and traffic laws.

All teams are financed in part by Federal Homeland Security grant funds and governed by Illinois Terrorism Task Force grant rules. Thus all teams are interoperable and trained and equipped to the same standard.


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