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ILEAS Foundation - Used Squad Car Sale


The ILEAS Foundation has recently received six squad cars from the Granite City Police Department. The Foundation is selling the cars to raise funds for law enforcement training in Illinois. The Foundation has supported various ILEAS training events, conferences as well as new sheriff’s training through the Illinois Sheriff’s Association.


The cars are being sold “as is.” For more details, see the listing below for photos, mileage, years, etc (all are Ford Crown Vic). All sales are final and are on a “first come, first serve” cash on delivery basis. Each car comes with basic maintenance records as well. The equipment installed on the vehicles is also included. That includes, light bars, prisoner dividers, radio consoles, sirens, full service spare, etc... Click an image for higher resolution.

If you are interested in one of these vehicles and want more information, please contact foundation@ileasfoundation.org.

The available cars shown below are now on Ebay. Click here to see all remaining cars



Car # 170 Year: 2010 Mileage: 73,275 Price: $7,000

Includes: Radio console, siren, lights, full service spare

Car # 31 Year: 2008 Mileage: 104,013 Price: $5,500 SOLD

Includes: Siren, radio console, light bar

Car # 36 Year: 2006 Mileage: 94,798 Price: $5,000

Includes: Light bar, radio/siren mount, siren, etc.


Car # 37 Year: 2007 Mileage: 125,926 Price: $5,000

Includes: Radio, light bar, radio console, siren

Car # 52 Year: 2009 Mileage: 103,498 Price: $6,000

Includes: Covert light bar, siren, radio console, prisoner shield, rear window bars, shotgun/rifle mount

Car # 53 Year: 2000 Mileage: 136,905 Price: $3,500

Includes: Radio console, prisoner shield, siren, covert lights

Car # 54 Year: 2009 Mileage: 97,283 Price: $6,000 SOLD

Includes: Radio console, rifle/shotgun mount, prisoner shield, siren, covert lights, push bumper

About the ILEAS Foundation

In an effort to better support local law enforcement in Illinois, keep costs down, and provide a wider range of training opportunities, the ILEAS Foundation was created. In 2009 the ILEAS Foundation was formed as a 11-501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation receiving a 501C3 charity tax status. The Foundation supports local law enforcement in Illinois, outside of the standard government grant process. Support is given to local law enforcement by utilizing donations and private grants, which provides equipment and training to officers and deputies to better serve their local Illinois communities. 

The Illinois Law Enforcement Alarm System—also known as ILEAS—was created in 2002. ILEAS administers federal homeland security grants for the benefit of local law enforcement agencies in Illinois. These grants come with restrictions on the types of equipment ILEAS can provide to local agencies. Additionally, there are strict restrictions on the specific types of training that can be conducted. ILEAS member agencies pay a small dues stipend to ILEAS to manage the grants. Even though costs keep going up, in today’s tight government budget environment, ILEAS has chosen not to increase the dues.
The Foundation raises funds through donations, fund raising events, and private grants to support the training and equipment mission of ILEAS and to benefit Illinois law enforcement.

The ILEAS Foundation is located at 1701 E. Main Street, Urbana, IL 61802. 

How Can You Help?

There are numerous ways in which individuals, companies or others can contribute to the ILEAS Foundation Mission in supporting the Illinois Law Enforcement community. 



  • Visit the ILEAS gift shop located at the ILEAS Training center, all profits from the sale of ILEAS Gear goes directly to the ILEAS Foundation

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  • Direct Donation to the ILEAS Foundation

eBay for Charity

  • Shop or sell and support ILEAS Foundation on eBay
  • Add us as your Favorite charity on eBay to see us as your preferred charity in eBay checkout
  • You will also be able to donate a portion of your proceeds to us when you sell on eBay AND get some of your seller fees waived and receive the tax credits
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All donations to the ILEAS Foundation are considered tax deductible.