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If you are a Private agency, such as a railroad or private college/university, that employs officers certified by the Illinois Law Enforcement Training and Standards Board (ILETSB), please CLICK HERE for specifics about your new Mutual Aid Agreement.

If you are a State of Illinois law enforcement agency employing sworn officers with statewide jurisdiction, please CLICK HERE for specifics about your new Mutual Aid Agreement.

Local Public Law Enforcement Agencies Statewide Mutual Aid Agreement

ILEAS has recently developed an entirely new Law Enforcement Mutual Aid Agreement. Here are some resources for potential new member agencies AND for current agencies that want to create a stronger ILEAS and reaffirm their commitment to statewide law enforcement mutual aid:

Archive Documents 

If your agency has already signed the original Agreement, it is still in effect until you sign the new one. Please note that the Law Enforcement Mutual Aid Agreement cannot be changed as the same Agreement must be signed by all the participants. It is ILEAS’ goal to get every current member to sign the new Agreement by March 1, 2015. Please review these documents which will guide you through the process. If you, your political leadership or legal counsel have any questions, please contact Mick McAvoy ( or Larry Evans ( at 217-328-3800.

Access to Your Agency’s Personalized ILEAS Web Page

  • Every member agency gets access to a password-protected personalized ILEAS web page. This is where you provide data about the resources that you have that might be available to other members in an emergency. You can also apply for authorized special team overtime reimbursements, search the resource database of all ILEAS members, and provide contact information for use during emergencies.
  • If you don’t already have a password, contact the ILEAS office at 217-328-3800 to get a password assigned. Or you can reach out to your Regional Planning Coordinator (RPC). See the Regions tab on the ILEAS home page to find the contact info for your RPC. ILEAS staff will guide you through this process.
  • Once you have signed on, your RPC will guide you through the process of entering your agency’s resource data.

National Incident Management (NIMS)

  • The Federal Government will be requiring any agency receiving federal grant funds to have adopted NIMS as its method of managing emergencies. Please contact Mark Griffeth ( at 217-328-3800 for more information on how to document your NIMS compliance.

Annual Dues

  • In March of 2005, the ILEAS membership unanimously passed a resolution adopting a dues structure. Up to that point, ILEAS was solely funded by Homeland Security grant funds. The conditions of these grants prohibited the expenditure of federal funds for such operational necessities as legal, insurance, auditing and miscellaneous fees. Therefore, the Governing Board asked the membership for dues.

    There were no dues increases in the ensuing eight years. However, in the May 23, 2013 meeting of the Governing Board, a new dues schedule was adopted.

    The dues structure adopted at the meeting was as follows:

    Dues Officers
    $60 1 - 10 officers (or no full-time officers and part-time only)
    $120 11 - 40 officers
    $240 41 - 80 officers
    $360 81 - 119 officers
    $480 120+ officers

    ILEAS will notify your agency when an online invoice is ready and payment is due. You can mail payment to the ILEAS address:

    ILEAS Administrative Office
    1701 E. Main Street
    Urbana, IL  61802

    You can also visit the Member Management System for more information on paying your dues, including the ability to make a payment online via PayPal.


  • An original signed and notarized mutual aid agreement should be submitted to:

          ATTN: Nancy Crossman (
          1701 E. Main Street
          Urbana, IL  61802

Please keep a copy on file at your facility.