The ILEAS Mission

We strive to meet the needs of law enforcement throughout the state of Illinois in matters of mutual aid, emergency response, and the combining of resources for public safety.


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STIC Fellowship

The Law Enforcement Fellowship Program was implemented in May of 2017 and is currently open for local officers. This fellowship will be a one - week (5 day) program in which meals and lodging will be provided for local officers to travel to Springfield and work with personnel, analysts, and program managers at the STIC. Officers selected will be exposed to the following:

AED Regulation Update

The FDA published a final order in February 2015 requiring premarket approval (PMA) applications for new and existing AEDs and necessary AED accessories. Manufacturers of all necessary AED accessories, such as batteries, pad electrodes, adapters and hardware keys for pediatric use, must file a premarket approval application (PMA) by February 3, 2020. If a PMA is not filed by February 3, 2020, the manufacturer must cease marketing their accessories by February 3, 2021.  There are now FDA-approved AEDs available, and we encourage you to ensure your AED is FDA-approved; if it is not, you may want to consider beginning making plans to transition to an FDA-approved AED.  If you or your organization own(s) an AED system, the FDA recommends you:

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