The ILEAS Mission

We strive to meet the needs of law enforcement throughout the state of Illinois in matters of mutual aid, emergency response, and the combining of resources for public safety.


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First Batch of NARCAN Out the Door

This is the first batch of NARCAN "going out the door" tomorrow. 

These 433 doses will be delivered to 27 agencies in the targeted 18 county area covered by an IL Department of Public Health (IDPH) grant. These 27 agencies have signed all the agreements and qualified for free NARCAN for over the next three years.  So far 318 officers have completed the online training that is certified by IDPH and the Division of Overdose Prevention Program (DOPP).  Fifty-five agencies out of ninety-eight in the region have signed the agreements and are working on training. 

Now that ILEAS has the training available and the NARCAN in hand, more and more doses will be sent out to law enforcement throughout the targeted region as they complete the training.  


ILEAS Hosts "Plug and Play" Communications Training and Exercise



On May 8 & 9, 2018, ILEAS hosted a Communications Training / Exercise session, (also known as a "Plug & Play") where various assets from multiple agencies were brought to the ITC to train on new technologies and exercise the integration of different communications assets. 

Participants included ITECS and UCP teams, IMERT, IEMA, IDOT, IL-TERT, Illinois Air National Guard, IESMA, AUXCOMM (a.k.a. Amateur Radio), plus other agencies.

Click Read More for more details and pictures. 

ILEAS North WMD SRT & NIPAS Support DEA Fentanyl Warrants

On May 30th, the ILEAS North WMD Special Response Team and the NIPAS Emergency Response Team assisted the Drug Enforcement Agency (IDEA) with the service of two simultaneous federal search warrants in Arlington Heights and Mundelein.   The WMD SRT and NIPAS teams were used because the potential for exposure to fentanyl existed.  Both teams have been equipped and trained to manage tactical operations in a contaminated or potentially contaminated environment.  Unprotected exposure to fentanyl is dangerous to law enforcement during such operations.  Therefore, the extensive training and high level equipment these two team possess facilitated the successful service of these warrants.  Charges against the suspects were announced by Attorney General Jeff Sessions, Brian McKnight the Special Agent in Charge for the DEA Chicago Office, John Lausch, Jr. the US Attorney for the Northern District of Illinois and Gabriel Grchan, the Special Agent in Charge of the Chicago Internal Revenue Service Criminal Office in Chicago.  ILEAS is proud that we have created the capability in Illinois to successfully support federal agencies in their efforts to protect the citizens from the illegal distribution of dangerous drugs.  For more details, please see the DEA Press Release.  Video of the teams' activities involving the search warrants can be seen here.  

ILEAS Foundation Partners with First Tactical to Offer Discounts on Equipment and Clothing

ILEAS has been asked by the ILEAS Foundation to announce that the Foundation is partnering with First Tactical to offer an introductory discount of 20% from any item purchased on their website catalog.  In addition to the discount, First Tactical is donating 7% of the sale to the ILEAS Foundation.  For more information on how you can get the discount, please follow this link to the ILEAS Foundation home page.  

DHS Offers New Virtual Training for Active Shooter Incidents

The military has used video game-style simulations for years to train their soldiers. Now, that technology will be available to train first responders on active shooter incidents. The Department of Homeland Security Science and Technology Directorate and the U.S. Army Research Laboratory joined forces to create a virtual training platform, available free to all response agencies nationwide. 

First pilot-tested in 2013, Enhanced Dynamic Geo-Social Environment (EDGE) allows responders from law enforcement, fire, EMS, dispatch, and unified command to assume discipline-based avatars and role-play complex response scenarios. Responders outfit their avatar, navigate the simulation and respond to threats based on their department’s policies. Each person determines their avatar’s actions, meaning the simulation plays out differently each time. EDGE was designed to allow people to take part in training simultaneously from different locations. This supports single- and multi-agency use which reduces training costs due to travel. It encourages different agencies or jurisdictions to train together by reducing barriers. Interagency exercises and drills develop a stronger and more effective response. 

The scenario currently available is of an active shooter at a hotel armed also with Molotov cocktails. A second scenario, a school shooting environment, is planned for release this fall. Agencies interested in obtaining a free copy of the EDGE hotel scenario or who have general EDGE inquiries may contact or visist the DHS Science and Technology web page at

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