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We strive to meet the needs of law enforcement throughout the state of Illinois in matters of mutual aid, emergency response, and the combining of resources for public safety.


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Interoperable Communications - Upcoming CASM Database Review

As an ILEAS member, you have witnessed and understand the benefits of synchronized operations and communications in times of emergency.  Whether the response is the result of a natural disaster or a man-made disturbance, responding public safety agencies are better prepared to answer appropriately when pertinent information is readily available, and the basic requirements to develop a coordinated plan are in place. To that end, many public safety agencies in Illinois have invested in populating the Communications Assets Survey and Mapping (CASM) database to share relevant communications and point-of-contact information within the public safety community. The information is then available when needed by Communications Coordinators, planners, and agency command personnel to better prepare for response scenarios, and the future of public safety communications within the state.

 Over recent months, a review of CASM records has been undertaken.  In the review process, some records may have been edited to meet CASM standards, clarify a point of contact information, or otherwise address a relatively minor issue.  However, it is evident that a statewide, source-based review of all CASM data is needed to ensure validity.  Clearly, the best authority for a validation is the source agency.

ILEAS Seeking an Learning Management System Coordinator

ILEAS has contracted with Interactyx for use of the TOPYX Online Learning Management System (LMS) service.  The LMS project is nearing the point of being provided on a membership-wide basis.  In order to assist users and agencies access the system and take online training, ILEAS is seeking an individual to fill the role of the LMS Coordinator.  This person would assist agencies to use the system, coordinate with the vendor, develop and upload curriculum and monitor results.  For more details, please see the job description here.  This position is currently hourly temporary part-time only.  the hours will range from 14-21 per week at $19 to $21 per hour.  There are no benefits associated with this position other than those required by law. This employee will work at Urbana ILEAS Training Center.   If you are interested, please send a resume with a cover letter to ILEAS Chief of Staff, Larry Evans -  Resumes will be accepted until September 27, 2017. 

ILEAS Mobile Field Forces and Regional Communication Assets Host Training Exercise in Carterville, Illinois during the Solar Eclipse

On August 20 & 21, 2017, ILEAS conducted an exercise at John A Logan College in Carterville Ill. that coincided with the recent solar eclipse. 56 officers from across the state to include Regions 2, 3 North, 3 Central, 6, 7, 8 and 9/11 participated in a response to simulated complex coordinated multi-venue bioterrorism acts in Jackson and Williamson Counties. Seven blended squads were developed from the teams allowing officers to work with members from other than their own region. The exercise included practical work in the following areas:

Attorney General Lisa Madigan Visits ILEAS Training Center

Attorney General Lisa Madigan visited the ILEAS Training Center on August 16th.  She was in Champaign for a public appearance earlier in the day and stopped by the Training Center to visit a training class. The Internet Crimes Against Chlidren (ICAC) training is sponsored by her office.  She spoke to the students thanking them for volunteering for the training.  She emphasized just how important it was to stop online child predators.

Attorney General Madigan then spent some time talking with ILEAS staff and leadership.
She characterized ILEAS as a "great partner" with the Attorney General's Office.
ILEAS thanks Attorney General Madigan for her support!

Mobile Field Force Exercise in Southern Illinois

A combination of squads from various Mobile Field Forces in Central and Northern Illinois will come together for a full-scale exercise in Southern Illinois on August 20/21.  This exercise has been approved by the Illinois Emergency Management Agency.  The purpose of the exercise will be:

  • Deploy from one part of the State to another to practice responding to a terrorist event or natural disaster
  • The ability for multiple squads from different Mobile Field Forces to work together over an extended time in the field
  • Work with MABAS to set up, maintain, live in and break down their tent city capabilities
  • Test our ability to provide food for the team members in a rural environment without the benefit of local resources
  • Test a significant amount of communications and technology gear that has been acquired and deployed in the last year
  • Skills that every Mobile Field Force team member should know will be tested

To add a real-world element, the exercise will coincide with the Total Solar Eclipse which will take place on Monday afternoon. 


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