National Law Enforcement Involvement

Given its expertise, FEMA has reached out to involve ILEAS in law enforcement mutual aid on a national scale. Executive Director Jim Page chaired the FEMA NIMS Law Enforcement Workgroup Patrol Task Force subcommittee. He was also a member on the FEMA Preparedness Task Force. ILEAS has had unique experiences deploying over 550 total officers to Louisiana for Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, St. Paul, Minnesota for the Republican National Convention and most recently, the G20 summit in Pittsburgh. As a result, there has been real interest on a national level of the ILEAS model. 

Mr. Page was tapped to participate on the FEMA Local, State, Tribal and Federal Preparedness Task Force. The Task Force, created pursuant to Congressional legislation, is charged with, "making recommendations for all levels of government regarding: disaster and emergency guidance and policy; federal grants; and federal requirements, including measuring efforts. The task force shall especially evaluate: which policies and guidance need updating, and the most appropriate process by which to update them; which grant programs work the most efficiently and where programs can be improved; and the most appropriate way to collectively assess our capabilities and our capability gaps."  He was a signatory on the final report submitted to Congress.

ILEAS has a growing reputation on the national stage with regard to law enforcement mutual aid.