Stop The Bleed Initiative

North American Rescue Bleeding Control kits are being distributed to every public and private school instructional building (K - 12) in the State as part of a school safety initiative developed by the School Safety Working Group of the Illinois Terrorism Task Force (ITTF). Over 7,500 kits have been purchased through a combination of federal and state funds. While the kits are important, the training for teachers and staff is even more important. 

The webinar has been completed and the link can be found in the Resources section below.  The webinar includes only introductory material. We highly recommend that you have teachers and staff take the 90-minute Stop the Bleed training course certified by the American College of Surgeons. For information about how to schedule this hands-on training, contact your local hospital, fire department or police department. If you are unable to locate certified trainers, please contact ITTF Medical Programs Organizer Barb Oliff at

The initial distribution is one (1) kit per school building/instructional attendance center. For districts that have at least five (5) people trained in a building/attendance center, we will distribute five (5) additional kits. The initial distribution will be to the Regional Offices of Education (ROE) Superintendents in Springfield on July 10, 2019. The ROEs will then distribute them to the districts. If any kits are utilized in response to a bleeding emergency, please report date/location and injury to: Check back to this page in the near future for the procedure required to get the additional 5 kits.  

ILEAS completed a bid process and acquired the kits at a price of $36.99 which includes shipping. The vendor is Henry Schein Medical/EMS. The direct contact for sales for Illinois is Bill Beetschen who can be contacted at Districts are encouraged to acquire more kits at their own expense and pursuant to their own purchasing policies and practices.  


Training Verification and (5) Additional Kit Distribution Process: 

The Training Verification & Bleeding Control Kit Distribution form indicates that the designated Illinois school district has verified that the public/private/charter/special instructional building has completed the bleeding control training of at least five (5) authorized school personnel within a school instructional building (K-12). 

To receive the (5) additional kits:

  1. The requesting district superintendent or school nurse will complete this form and email to their designated ROE
  2. The ROE will then email the form to
  3.  The additional (5) bleeding control kits will be sent or dropped off at the designated ROE office for distribution

Availability and/or delay of additional bleeding control kits is dependent upon vendor availability of stock. 

**If any kits are utilized in response to a bleeding emergency, please report date/location and injury to:

Thank you for participating.  We value your support in this initiative.



Illinois Schools Stop the Bleed Initiative Webinar - Click HERE to watch the video 

Illinois School and Campus Safety Resource Center - (  

American College of Surgeons Bleeding Control Web Page - (

U.S. Homeland Security Stop the Bleed Web Page - (

The Illinois School and Campus Safety Resource Center is a valuable resource for all school and college administrators. It is a joint effort of the Illinois Law Enforcement Training and Standards Board, the Illinois Terrorism Task Force and the State of Illinois. You can find a lot of information about school safety on this page. For specific information about the national Stop the Bleed program, from the home page click on K-12 Resources, find the Preparedness menu and click on Stop the Bleed. 

stop the bleed

For Regional Offices of Education, please download and complete the form below as a receipt when distributing the Bleeding Control Kits to school districts. Once completed, either scan it as a PDF and email it to  or fax it to 217-328-3845.