Stop the Bleed Initiative for All Illinois Schools K-12


December 5, 2020 

Given the COVID situation and the change in funding priorities at the State of Illinois level, the Stop the Bleed Program has been suspended.  If and when funding becomes available, it may be restarted. Questions can be directed to Larry Evans at

These resources are still available:  


Illinois Schools Stop the Bleed Initiative Webinar - Click HERE to watch the video 

Illinois School and Campus Safety Resource Center - (  

American College of Surgeons Bleeding Control Web Page - (

U.S. Homeland Security Stop the Bleed Web Page - (


Anything below here is no longer current:

The School Safety Workgroup Committee of the Illinois Terrorism Task Force has made several recommendations to state and local officials regarding school safety measures.  One of the committee’s recommendations includes establishing the Stop the Bleed Initiative for all Illinois K-12 schools. The initiative includes; providing an initial STOP the Bleed kit to all school, and then assisting with coordinating training for school staff on how to identify and control life threatening bleeding.  The recommended training is the STOP the Bleed course developed by the American College of Surgeons. A life-threatening bleed could result in death in 5-6 minutes. In the event a bleeding emergency occurs on campus, school staff will be first on scene. Proper training and equipment will provide staff with the needed skills to react appropriately before medical responders arrive. The goal of this initiative is to ensure that schools are trained in lifesaving bleeding control techniques and that this concept becomes part of the local public safety culture.    

The Illinois Schools Stop the Bleed Initiative has three components:

1. Provide one bleeding control kit to each school

2. Promote and coordinate bleeding control training for each school

For information about how to schedule this hands-on training, contact:

  • Your local hospital
  • Your local fire department
  • Your local police department

If you are unable to locate certified instructors, please contact the ITTF Project Manager for the Illinois Schools Stop the Bleed Initiative, Barb Oliff at 

 3. Provide each school with (5) additional bleeding control kits

Once at least five (5) school staff are trained in a school, an additional five (5) kits will be distributed to that school. The training verification process will be coordinated with the schools Regional Administrator.  To receive the (5) additional kits:

  • The requesting district superintendent, school nurse, or school resource officer will complete the Training Verification Form (located at the bottom of this webpage under Attachments). Sign and email this form to the designated Regional Administrator
  • The Regional Administrator will then email the signed form to
  • The additional (5) bleeding control kits will be shipped or dropped off

Bleeding Control Kit Contents

Each bleeding control kit contains:

  • (1) C-A-T Tourniquet
  • (1) 6 inch elastic compression bandage
  • (2) Compressed gauze packets
  • (2) Pairs of nitrile gloves – size large
  • (1) Trauma shears
  • (1) Permanent black marker
  • (1) Aluminum survival blanket
  • (1) Just in time instruction manual


stop the bleed


Additional Kits for Purchase

 ILEAS completed a bid process and acquired the kits at a price of $36.99 which includes shipping. The vendor is Henry Schein Medical/EMS. The direct contact for sales for Illinois is Bill Beetschen who can be contacted at Districts are encouraged to acquire more kits at their own expense and pursuant to their own purchasing policies and practices.  Availability and/or delay of additional bleeding control kits is dependent upon vendor availability of stock. 



A webinar can be linked via the Resources section below.  This short video discusses basic lifesaving techniques while reviewing the content of the bleeding control kits provided to the schools.  The webinar also reviews the concepts of the Stop the Bleed Initiative.  The webinar includes only introductory material. We highly recommend that school staff take the 90-minute Stop the Bleed training course certified by the American College of Surgeons.


Contact Information

For further information regarding training and the initiative, contact Barb Oliff BSN RN at:  

 **If any kits are utilized in response to a bleeding emergency, please report date/location and injury to Barb Oliff.

The Illinois School and Campus Safety Resource Center is a valuable resource for all school and college administrators. It is a joint effort of the Illinois Law Enforcement Training and Standards Board, the Illinois Terrorism Task Force and the State of Illinois. You can find a lot of information about school safety on this page. For specific information about the national Stop the Bleed program, from the home page click on K-12 Resources, find the Preparedness menu and click on Stop the Bleed.