Tactical Interoperable Communications Plans (TICP) for Central Illinois Counties

RFP opens: 
Tuesday, February 14, 2012 - 12:30pm
RFP closes: 
Friday, March 30, 2012 - 3:30pm
<p> ILEAS will be working in partnership with the Illinois Statewide Interoperablity Coordinator (SWIC) during the project. The goal is to comply with the OEC / DHS designated timeframe of 02/28/2013 for completion of this project.</p> <p> This Request for Proposal (RFP) is open immediately upon publication and wil remain open until March 30, 2012 at 4:30pm. Interested parties will find the RFP attached below as a PDF document. You may download and save that document. Any modifications to the RFP will be posted on this website. See the <a href="http://www.ileas.org/category/faq-category/purchasing-and-rfps/ticp-central-illinois"><font color="#2f71a2">Frequently Asked Questions</font></a> section.</p> <p> Please send completed proposals to:</p> <p> Mick McAvoy<br /> Illinois Law Enforcement Alarm System<br /> 1701 E. Main Street<br /> Urbana, IL 61802<br /> Email: <a href="mailto:krswails@ileas.org"><font color="#2f71a2">mmcavoy@ileas.org</font></a><br /> Phone: 217-328-3800</p> <p> Please direct all questions about the RFP to the Project Contact:</p> <p> Ashley Knuppel<br /> Illinois Emergency Managment Agency<br /> 220 S. Dirksen Parkway<br /> Springfield, IL 62703<br /> Email: <a href="mailto:Ashley.Knuppel@illinois.gov"><font color="#2f71a2">Ashley.Knuppel@illinois.gov</font></a><br /> Phone: 217-558-4779</p>