APCO Compilation of First Responder Apps

The Association of Public Safety Communications Officials has recently released an application community website of particular interest to first responders. The website  www.appcomm.org is dedicated to public safety professionals and the public as a platform wherein to share apps suggested by APCO professionals as worthy for examination by first responders. APCO does not endorece or vet any app but suggests browsing reviews and comments about the specific apps. This website offers clickable links to some 60 apps that APCO feels may be helpful. APCO developed the website as a means to provide a platform that the public safety community can trust and rely upon to aggregate and develop the most effective apps for public safety and emergency response.  Per John Wright, APCO’s 2nd Vice President: “The main value of AppComm will come from the active participation of APCO members and other public safety professionals who can best assess the value and effectiveness of apps with an understanding of the mission to preserve the safety of life and property. For any questions regarding AppComm, please email them to appcomm@apcointl.org