Cybersecurity Resource Booklets for Illinois Sworn Officers Now Available

Every year the Federal Government identifies priorities for homeland security funding.  In the last two funding rounds, cybersecurity has become one of the primary focuses of homeland security funding. To that end, the STIC has developed a resource for LE officers to protect themselves from cyber threats.  This resource comes in the form of a pocket-sized booklet and is entitled, “Essential Privacy Strategies for Law Enforcement.”   Given their high potential as targets of cyber-crime, it is a valuable resource for deputies/officers that offers very specific guidelines on how to minimize the potential for them and their families from being victims.  It covers how to lock down social media profiles, financial records, home WIFIs, online shopping and passwords.  A small amount of these booklets updated in 2019, have previously been provided by STIC to a handful of agencies based on need. The booklet was recently updated in June of 2021.  ILEAS set aside funds to start providing these for officers and deputies across the State.  Qualified member agencies have been notified by email regarding the process for applying.  There is no cost and ILEAS will pay for the shipping for the time being for this first batch.  Agencies are asked not to reproduce or redistribute these booklets beyond your agency.