Director Page Selected For FEMA Council

ILEAS Executive Director Jim Page was selected to be on the FEMA Region 5 Regional Advisory Council.  Page was nominated by IEMA Director Alicia Tate-Nadeau and accepted for participation by FEMA Region 5 Acting Director Kevin Sligh.  The Regional Advisory Councils were established by the Post-Katrina Emergency Management Act of 2006.  The Regional Advisory Council:

  • Advises the FEMA Regional Administrator on emergency management issues specific to Region 5 
  • Identify geography, demographics or other issues particular to Region 5 that makes emergency management more difficult
  • Advise the Administrator of weaknesses or deficieicnes in preparedness, prevention, protection, response, recovery and mitigation within the Region that need addressed 

FEMA Region 5 encompasses Illinois, Indiana, Minnesota, Ohio, Michigan and Wisconsin.  Page's appoinment is for one year.