If you or a member of your agency is an EoTech holographic weapon sight (HWS) user, you need to take note of this. Last month, it was announced that L-3 Communications (the parent company of EoTech), had reached a $25 million settlement with the Federal Government over problems with their optics. You can read the entire settlement here:
United-States-v.-L-3-Communications-Eotech-Inc.-et-al  Pursuant to that settlement, L3 issued an official statement which can be found here: https://ileas.sharefile.com/d-sa83ed66e6eb4ff9b


This statement is being provided to educate you on issues involving a product that is quite popular in the law enforcement community. We provide it so you as administrators may consider the facts prior to making any policy or equipment changes where these sight systems are currently in use.