Exercise and Operational Coordinator

ILEAS is searching for an Exercise and Operational Coordinator.  ILEAS supports six WMD Special Response Teams and ten Mobile Field Forces.  Additionally, ILEAS also financially supports nine local bomb teams and over 20 Strategic Technology Reserve communications teams.  All of these teams are required to participate in timely tabletop, functional and field exercises to sharpen their skills and to demonstrate their capabilities to support their core missions.  ILEAS is now emphasizing Inter-disciplinary exercises where Bomb, SRT, Comms and MFF teams exercise, train and coordinate their activities together.  ILEAS teams also exercise and train with other State law enforcement agencies as well as MABAS special teams and the Illinois Fire Service Institute.  It should be noted that these exercises will be conducted in compliance with Federal Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program (HSEEP) standards.  As the COVID situation recedes, ILEAS teams will have a lot of catching up to do.  As a result, ILEAS is seeking to employ an experienced person with a public safety background to oversee an increase in the teams' exercise tempo. 

ILEAS is also an active participant and support organization for the State of Illinois during emergencies, crises, natural disasters and/or large special events throughout the State.  A key component of this partnership is participation in the State Emergency Operations Center (SEOC) located in Springfield, Illinois.  Through the exercise experience, the Exercise and Operational Coordinator will be very familiar with what assets ILEAS brings to the table as well as the limitations and mission that ILEAS seeks to accomplish.  This person will be the primary ILEAS liaison to the SEOC during State activations.  Salary for this position is $53,000.  Experience in EOC operations and/or HSEEP is desired but not required.  

Please click the job description here for specifics of required duties and qualifications.  ILEAS is an equal opportunity employer.  This position is open until filled.  For more details, or to submit a resume, contact Chief of Staff Larry Evans at lgevans@ileas.org or at 217-328-3800.