ICJIA Designates $19 Million to ILEAS for "Less Lethal Alternatives for Law Enforcement" grant

ICJIA Designates $19 Million to ILEAS

UPDATE August 17, 2023

On June 20, 2023, ILEAS applied for funding from the Illinois Criminal Justice Information Authority (ICJIA).  This state-funded grant, known as “Less Lethal Alternatives for Law Enforcement,” is focused on two areas.  First, it will support the purchase of less lethal devices.  Second, it will support funding for training on topics such as de-escalation, cultural competency, trauma-informed response, etc.

On August 17, 2023, ICJIA’s Budget Committee designated $19 million in state fiscal year 2023 funding to ILEAS.  As such, ILEAS will be rolling out the two-pronged program described above.  This is good news for law enforcement throughout Illinois, and ILEAS would like to thank ICJIA and the Budget Committee for putting their faith in us to accomplish this sizable project.

ILEAS is requesting that agencies review their use of force and less lethal device-specific policies to ensure compliance with the following, per ICJIA:

  • “All uses of grant funds shall conform to the United Nations Human Rights Guidance on the Use of Less-Lethal Weapons in Law Enforcement.”  LLW_Guidance.pdf (ohchr.org)
  • “Any sub-grantee purchasing less lethal devices with this funding must have Federal Use of Force Certification.”  Use of Force Certification - Official Illinois Site (ilchiefs.org)
  • “Any sub-grantee purchasing less lethal devices with this funding must have a policy governing the use of less lethal devices codified by the time of device deployment.”

ILEAS is already building a panel of representatives from the Illinois Sheriff’s Association, the Illinois Association of Chiefs of Police, ILEAS, and other subject matter experts to review policies in order to ensure compliance with the above three criteria.

More information will be forthcoming as ILEAS builds out the application process. A large portion of this grant will be used to fund the purchase and distribution of Conducted Energy Weapons (i.e. Tasers).  To assist ILEAS with this process, I am asking that each of you complete the very brief survey at the link below in order for us to begin to access need. 


Future announcements about the “Less Lethal Alternatives for Law Enforcement” grant will be available at the ILEAS website, www.ileas.org, the Illinois Association of Chiefs of Police at www.ilchiefs.org and the Illinois Sheriffs Association at www.ilsheriff.org