ILEAS and ISP Partner on Breath Alcohol Operator Recertification

ILEAS and the Illinois State Police have partnered to provide a more efficient and effective delivery for Breath Alcohol Operator (BAO) and Portable Breath Test (PBT) recertification. ILEAS is now providing the online Learning Management System (LMS) capability for BAO and BAO-PBT officers and deputies to recertify.  In order to prioritize operators whose certificates are about to expire, ILEAS is focusing on those expiring this month first.  We have a list from ISP and have reached out to those agencies/operators starting April 4, 2019.  Once those operators who are at immediate risk of losing their certifications are caught up, we will phase in the rest of the law enforcement agencies in the State - until eventually everyone will be converted over. 

If you have questions about the LMS process, please contact Bill DeJarnette at  If you have questions about the curriculum itself, the recertification rules or the BAO process overall, please contact ISP at 217-786-7093.