ILEAS Drone Training Bill Moves to Full Senate

On April 6th, ILEAS Executive Director Jim Page and ILEAS' legislative liaison John Millner testified at the Illinois Senate Criminal Law Committee.  ILEAS supported SB2588 which was sponsored by Senator Tony Munoz.  SB2588 amends the Freedom From Drone Surveillance Act (725 ILCS 167/) by adding a seventh exception for training.  As it stands now, the Act prohibits law enforcement from using drones except for six very specific situations. Training is not one of the exceptions. SB2588 allows a law enforcement agency to train with a drone or to use a drone during other training under very tightly constructed guidelines.  The Senate Criminal Law Committee voted 8-1-3 to pass the bill along to the full Senate for its consideration.  ILEAS thanks Senator Munoz for his support as well as those who completed witness slips and suported the effort.