ILEAS Governing Board Election Results

The ILEAS Governing Board consists or five appointed members from the IL. Sheriffs' Association, the IL. Association of Chiefs of Police, the Illinois State Police and Chicago Police.  These five are joined by 16 others who are elected from the eight Regions across Illinois. The Sheriffs and Chiefs from member agencies in each Region elect one Chief and one Sheriff.  Those eight Chiefs and eight Sheriffs join the appointees to sit on the 21-member Governing Board.  Each Board sits for two years.  ILEAS accepted nominations for a time in January and held an election for two weeks in February.  Some members were re-elected; however, six chiefs and sheriffs were newly elected.  The new Board is installed on March 25 at the regular bi-monthly meeting. We welcome the new Board and look forward to working with them.  

See below for the newly elected Board member as well as the appointees.  

Region 2 

  • Stephenson CO Sheriff Dave Snyders 
  • Byron PD Chief Todd Murray 

Region 3

  • Grundy CO Sheriff Ken Briley 
  • Fox Lake Park District PD Chief Dave Summer 

Region 4

  • DuPage CO Sheriff Jim Mendrick
  • Oak Lawn PD Chief Dan Vittorio

Region 6 

  • Sangamon CO Sheriff Jack Campbell 
  • Springfield PD Chief Ken Winslow 

Region 7

  • Champaign CO Sheriff Dustin Heuerman
  • Mahomet PD Chief Mike Metzler 

Region 8 

  • Montgomery CO  Sheriff Rick Robbins 
  • Highland PD Chief Chris Conrad

Region 9 

  • Jefferson CO Sheriff Jeff Bullard
  • Effingham PD Chief Jason McFarland 

Region 11 

  • Jackson CO Sheriff Robert Burns 
  • Metropolis PD Chief Harry Masse

Chicago Police 

  • First Deputy Superintendent Eric Carter 
  • Chief Jose Tirado 

Illinois State Police 

  • Colonel Mark Peyton 

IL. Assocation of Chiefs of Police 

  • Deer Creek PD Chief Brad Potts

IL. Sheriffs' Association 

  • Ogle CO Sheriff Brian VanVickle