ILEAS Governing Board Elections

The ILEAS Governing Board consists of 21 individuals - both elected and appointed - that oversees the ILEAS operation, policies and budget.  There are five appointed members who are representatives from the:

  • Illinois State Police - 1
  • Chicago Police Dept - 2
  • Illinois Association of Chiefs of Police - 1
  • Illinois Sheriff's Association - 1

The remaining 16 members consist of eight sheriffs and eight chiefs of police who are elected from the eight ILEAS Regions.  They are elected by chiefs and sheriffs to serve a two-year term. 

2021 is an election year.  At this point in the process, nominations are closed.  Each nominee will submit in writing whether or not they accept the nomination and will stand for election.  The election takes place between February 15th and the 26th.  Once all nominees have been confirmed, a list of candidates will be posted.