ILEAS to Host COML Course This Fall

One of the issues that comes up during almost every incident or event is Communications Issues.

ILEAS is hosting an All-Hazards Position-Specific Communications Unit Leader (COML) Course (E969). The class is September 19-22, 2022. Students are invited to attend Equipment Day on September 23, 2022.

The COML Course is a four day class designed to familiarize these professionals with the role and responsibilities of a COML under the NIMS ICS and to provide hands-on exercises that reinforce the lecture materials. This training opportunity gives communications personnel the knowledge to develop and implement effective ICS/NIMS Incident Communications plans, and run the Communications Unit in an efficient manner. Pre-requisites include online classes ICS-100,200,700, and 800, and in-person class ICS-300.

Equipment Day is a one day class that covers typical deployable communications equipment used by ILEAS and others. The students get a chance take what they learned in the COML class and apply it in a hands-on setting. Equipment Day is open to anyone who has completed this, or any previous, COML class at any time in the past. Proof of completion may be required.

There is no cost associated with this training. Reimbursement for travel is not available. Lodging and working lunches will be provided for this class.

Anyone interested in attending this class can contact Kelsey Munsterman at or 217-531-0499. Applications are due August 29, 2022.