ILEAS North WMD SRT & NIPAS Support DEA Fentanyl Warrants

On May 30th, the ILEAS North WMD Special Response Team and the NIPAS Emergency Response Team assisted the Drug Enforcement Agency (IDEA) with the service of two simultaneous federal search warrants in Arlington Heights and Mundelein.   The WMD SRT and NIPAS teams were used because the potential for exposure to fentanyl existed.  Both teams have been equipped and trained to manage tactical operations in a contaminated or potentially contaminated environment.  Unprotected exposure to fentanyl is dangerous to law enforcement during such operations.  Therefore, the extensive training and high level equipment these two team possess facilitated the successful service of these warrants.  Charges against the suspects were announced by Attorney General Jeff Sessions, Brian McKnight the Special Agent in Charge for the DEA Chicago Office, John Lausch, Jr. the US Attorney for the Northern District of Illinois and Gabriel Grchan, the Special Agent in Charge of the Chicago Internal Revenue Service Criminal Office in Chicago.  ILEAS is proud that we have created the capability in Illinois to successfully support federal agencies in their efforts to protect the citizens from the illegal distribution of dangerous drugs.  For more details, please see the DEA Press Release.  Video of the teams' activities involving the search warrants can be seen here.