ILETSB Camera Grant Is Open

ILETSB has announced the FY 22 Camera Grant Program is now open. Application may be submitted by completing the forms below and must be received by 5:00 PM CDT on JUNE 24, 2022.  With the recent changes of the SAFE-T Act and related statutes, the program is in the midst of several administrative changes. Please be advised that the administrative rules governing this program are in the process of being modified and are set to be approved at the next JCAR meeting. With that, this year’s program will be following these new guidelines - a draft of which can be viewed here (last updated 05/19/2022).

Key points this year:

  • Park Districts, Public Universities, and all units of local government are now eligible for award.
  • Towns with red-light cameras are now eligible for an award.
  • DUNS numbers are no longer needed and have been replaced with SAMS UEI numbers.
  • Applicants must attest to the Grant Accountability and Transparency Act (GATA), including the incorporated references to the corresponding federal requirements.
  • With only a month to submit applications, this year’s program is intended to make reimbursement awards only. If your agency has not yet purchased cameras, we strongly advise waiting until the FY 23 program to do so. We anticipate opening the FY 23 program in September to accommodate these needs. As we understand, supply chain issues have delayed delivery of cameras for several months. These delays will likely inhibit compliance with the purchase requirements for orders that have not yet been placed.

To apply, please click here for the detailed instructions and links to the applicable forms