Illinois Law Enforcement Administrative Professionals (ILEAP) Conference

ILEAS has been asked to let our membership know about the ILEAP Conference that takes place on September 12 & 13 at the Q Center at 1405 N. 5th Ave. in St. Charles.  The 2019 Illinois LEAP conference's theme is To Serve & Support and will feature various presenters, workshops, and speakers geared toward today's administrative professional working in a law enforcement setting.  For additional information, please find the conference website here:  The Illinois Law Enforcement Administrative Professionals (Illinois LEAP) was created to provide an environment for law enforcement administrative professionals to share data and knowledge that will enhance our individual organizations, our professional goals, and our continuing education.  Membership in Illinois LEAP is open to all administrative professionals to Chiefs of Police and administrative support personnel holding other titles employed in a similar capacity in a policing agency in the State of Illinois. For more information, see Membership Information ( or contact