Illinois S.T.I.C. Improves its Event Planning System

The Statewide Terrorism & Intelligence Center (STIC) is continuing to improve situational awareness by using ArcGIS Online to collect information on special events. The previous PDF form used to gather information on special events is now available online via a Geoform. The link provided will help provide real-time information to STIC. To use this as a real-time tool, please submit all future special events to STIC via the Geoform. Any supplemental or supporting documents that do not fit on the Geoform can be submitted to STIC with the event name and date.

A full explanation and link to the Geoform for event reporting can be found at your agency’s page once you log into the ILEAS system. If there are any questions or problems concerning the form, please email STIC. Thank you for your continued effort in supporting homeland security in Illinois.