Law Enforcement Cyber Center

The Law Enforcement Cyber Center is a website developed between the efforts of the IACP, Bureau of Justice Assistance, at the U.S. Department of Justice’s Office of Justice Programs, RAND Corporation, the Police Executive Research Forum (PERF), and other partners. This website educates and builds the capacity of justice and public safety agencies to prevent, investigate, prosecute, and respond to cyber threats and cybercrimes.

The Center addresses three principal areas of concern:

  • cybercrime investigation
  • digital forensics
  • information systems security

As you browse the Law Enforcement Cyber Center, you will find dedicated resources for Police Chiefs, Officers, Investigators, and Prosecutors. The Law Enforcement Cyber Center is leveraging the broad range of resources, training, technical assistance, and research currently offered by partner agencies and organizations worldwide. In many instances, rather than duplicate existing investments, the Center will channel users to existing tools and resources, and help guide and contribute to the development of new solutions where needed.

The Law Enforcement Cyber Center is designed to be a national resource and will require constant input from justice colleagues, the private sector, academia, and other stakeholders to update content as the cyber landscape is ever evolving. Throughout this site you will find original content developed by experts in law enforcement and digital forensics, as well as links to related resources. Your insight as a law enforcement professional is critical to enhancing the resources available to colleagues in the field.