McHenry County Chief's of Police Association selects 2016 "Officers of the Year."


On Tuesday, February 21st, 2017, the McHenry County Chiefs of Police Association selected the 2016 "Officer of the Year" from six nominated police officers. The six nominees were: Officer Andrew Dykstra (Algonquin Police Department); Sergeant Andrew Spielman (Harvard Police Department); Sergeant Anthony Penna and Deputy Michael Urgo (McHenry County Sheriff’s Office); Sergeant Lee Redlin (Wonder Lake Police Department); and Officer William Lintner (Woodstock Police Department).

After considering each of the nominees’ actions, Sergeant Anthony Penna and Deputy Michael Urgo of the McHenry County Sheriff’s Office were named as 2016’s "Officers of the Year." The nomination and awards stem from their involvement for police actions during an investigation into locating a double-homicide suspect; the homicides occurred in Paducah, Kentucky in April, 2016. Information was developed during the investigation which revealed the suspect was in the McHenry and Lake County areas. As active members of the Great Lakes Fugitive Marshals Taskforce, on April 15th, Sergeant Penna and Deputy Urgo deployed to locate and place the suspect into custody. Along with two other officers from Lake County, they located the suspect and attempted to take him into custody. During the encounter, the suspect brandished one of the three handguns in his possession, thus, forcing the law enforcement officers to take immediate and decisive action in permanently eliminating the threat to the safety to themselves, as well as, the safety and well-being of those in the immediate area. Sergeant Penna’s and Deputy Urgo’s ability to stop the threat in a high-risk situation is a testament to their law enforcement abilities and professionalism.

The six officers who were nominated for this year’s award are law enforcement officers who are dedicated to their profession and to the communities they serve. Their actions in 2016 that led to their nominations were only a few of the highlighted acts that most first responders are willing and able to do on a daily basis for the great citizens of this county.

Point of Contact: John L. Lieb, President, McHenry County Chiefs of Police Association