Mobile Field Force Exercise in Southern Illinois

A combination of squads from various Mobile Field Forces in Central and Northern Illinois will come together for a full-scale exercise in Southern Illinois on August 20/21.  This exercise has been approved by the Illinois Emergency Management Agency.  The purpose of the exercise will be:

  • Deploy from one part of the State to another to practice responding to a terrorist event or natural disaster
  • The ability for multiple squads from different Mobile Field Forces to work together over an extended time in the field
  • Work with MABAS to set up, maintain, live in and break down their tent city capabilities
  • Test our ability to provide food for the team members in a rural environment without the benefit of local resources
  • Test a significant amount of communications and technology gear that has been acquired and deployed in the last year
  • Skills that every Mobile Field Force team member should know will be tested

To add a real-world element, the exercise will coincide with the Total Solar Eclipse which will take place on Monday afternoon.