Two New ILEAS Funding Bills in the General Assembly

The 99th General Assembly began its work on the current session last month.  As you recall, ILEAS had a funding bill submitted by a Democrat up for consideration in the House in the 98th Session last year.  That bill failed to be called for a vote and died at the end of the Session.  This year, however, we are working with both the Republicans and the Democrats in BOTH the House and the Senate to resubmit the same bill as last year.  This session, Senator Pam Althoff (R) has submitted the funding bill in the Senate as SB99.  Representative Elaine Nekritz (D) has filed the same language in the House as HB2423.   We are currently working with our Legislative Liaison, John Millner and Associates, to add co-sponsors to the bills.

Please click the links above to read the bills.  As a reminder, it adds $3 to each license plate registration fee.  the funds will be distributed:

  • Law enforcement mutual aid (33%)
  • fire mutual aid (33%)
  • Public Safety Preparedness Activities as deemed appropriate by IEMA (34%)

Last year, the Illinois Association of Chiefs of Police and the Illinois Sheriffs' Association supported the legislation.  ILEAS leadership will be working with them again this year to seek their continued support.

Please support these funding bills when you talk to your representatives and senators.