Safe2Help Now Operational Across Illinois

The Safe2Help Illinois program will launch statewide on Wednesday, October 20th. Safe2Help is an initiative of the State of Illinois that provides students, school faculty, and communities the resources and tools necessary to Seek Help Before HarmClick here for a one-page summary that explains the goals and objectives of the Safe2Help Illinois program. 

Critical reports, such as self-harm, are received by our 24-hour, 7 day a week call center. The call center, managed and overseen by the Illinois State Police, can receive reports of potential self-harm and those who desire to harm others.  Students, schools, and the community have the option of submitting reports through phone, text, email, and webform.  All reports to the call center are classified as Critical, Standard and Other. All reports that are categorized as critical will result in immediate notification to local officials.  The call center staff will immediately reach out to local law enforcement and public safety answering points (PSAPs) to make them aware of the situation.  Safe2Help Illinois staff would like to ensure that local law enforcement and PSAPs are aware of the program in the event they are notified of a report. For additional information about the reporting of critical situations and the other report classifications, please review the Safe2Help External SOP document which is located behind your ILEAS login.  

The call center is available to anyone in the state who accesses the website ( and desires to make a report.  It is for this reason, all local law enforcement and PSAPs need to be aware of the program.