Safeguarding Houses of Worship

Reports of mass shootings and other threats to public safety monopolize the headlines. Houses of worship have been targeted along with malls, military recruitment centers, schools, theaters and other gathering places. Technology resources can be applied to identify vulnerabilities, strengthen security and create plans to respond to emergencies of any size.   

The National Institute of Justice (NIJ), with development assistance from the Justice Technology Information Center, has created an app that will help local law enforcement work with houses of worship to evaluate facilities and create plans for preventing attacks and prepare for other catastrophic events. To access this FREE app, public safety officials should send the following information to from your official agency email account:

Type Safeguarding Houses of Worship App, then provide:

  • Your name.
  • Your title.
  • The name of your agency.
  • How many copies of the app you need to distribute to your local houses of worship. One copy of the app is required for each device that will use it.   
  • Your mailing and email address.
  • Which version (iOS, Android, or desktop and how many of each). The desktop version is a fillable PDF file.

You will receive an email with an access code and instructions for downloading the Safeguarding Houses of Worship App.  Staff from a house of worship wishing to access the app should contact a local law enforcement agency, and have the agency request the app.  For any questions relating to getting or using the Safeguarding Houses of Worship App, please contact

JUSTNET has compiled a resource list for houses of worship to use in collaborating with community leaders and first responders.