Technology Support Vehicle

ILEAS has acquired a Technology Support Vehicle (TSV) as shown here.  It is a former mobile command post that has been retrofitted to a focal point for technology and communications support in the field for emergencies, disasters and significant special events.  It provides a workspace for comms experts to program radios, manage communications systems and provide all sorts of technology support for local agencies during times of need.  ILEAS staff and local volunteers will use this capability to support local law enforcement, fire and emergency management officials.  The vehicle and staff are also available for local agencies to use during local HSEEP exercises.  

One of ILEAS' responsibilities is field interoperable communications and technology.  Our communications and FirstNet staff work closely with the Illinois State Police, the Illinois Emergency Management Agency, the Illinois Terrorism Task Force and many official Mobile Support Teams to establish communications protocols, training and equipment to local agencies throughout the State regarding interoperable communications during mutual aid responses for disasters and large special events. ILEAS has access to hundreds of cache radios of all types that can be provided to supplement local supplies during emergencies.  We also have the ability to re-establish communications in an area that has virtually no signal or has suffered a catastrophic event that interrupts local radio service.  This includes available dispatch base stations, portable antennas, a variety of satellite radios/phones and ITECS Communications Suites as well as field networking capability and GIS support.  For more information about ILEAS' communications and field technology capability, please contact the ILEAS Communications Manager Russ Gentry or FirstNet Systems Architect Bill Springer