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We strive to meet the needs of law enforcement throughout the state of Illinois in matters of mutual aid, emergency response, and the combining of resources for public safety.


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2016 ILEAS Annual Conference “Statewide Focus on Technology”

Crowne Plaza - Springfield, Illinois
June 12-14, 2016


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Pertinent Current Proposed Legislation

ILEAS is involved in three pieces of proposed legislation in the current General Assembly session. The first is a funding bill that MABAS and ILEAS have both submitted and are supporting.  The bill is HB5647 sponsored by Representatives Elaine Nekritz and Donald Moffitt.  The companion bill in the Senate is SB2592 and is sponsored by Senator Pam Althoff. This bill adds $3 to the license plate registration fee dedicated for homeland security.  Approximately one dollar each goes to law enforcement, fire and emergency management statewide mutual aid organzations.  If successful, the funds generated by this bill would be directed towards necessary programs for which Federal Funds cannot be used.  for example, it would include capital replacement on specialized team vehicles like Mobile Command Posts, Bearcats, ITECS trailers, interoprable radios, etc.  

The second bill is SB2588 sponsored by Senator Antonio Munoz.  This bill proposes a training exception for the Freedom from Drone Surveillance Act.  There are currenlty six exceptions to the prohibition of drones for law enforcement.  The original law did not provide an exception for training.

UPDATE - Urbana Police Department Squad Car Sale

UPDATE - All 13 fully equipped squad cars that the Urbana Police Dept. had for sale have been sold in less than two weeks.  The ILEAS Foundation thanks everyone for the interest because Urbana donated $50 to the Foundation for each car sold. 


The Urbana Police Department has 13 squad cars for sale.  They come equipped with light bars/sirens, radio stacks, prisoner partitions, plastic back seats, etc.  They are 2011 Crown Victorias and range in mileage from 48,000 to 80,000.  They are selling them for $7,250 apiece with all the equipment included.  See this document for details and photos.  Please reach out directly to the City of Urbana Public Works contact identified on the flyer. 

Urbana PD Seeking Assistance to Create a Peer Support Network in Region 7

The Urbana Police Department is exploring the development of a Peer Support Network in ILEAS Region 7.  UPD has developed an informational invitation to join them in this process.  Please click here to see the letter.  This is not a program that ILEAS is overseeing; However, ILEAS is distributing information and supporting UPD in their effort to get the Peer Support Network established. 

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