Northwestern University Center for Public Safety to sponsor 80 hour "Supervision of Police Personnel" Training

The Illinois Commerce Commission Police will be hosting Northwestern University Center for Public Safety's "80 Hour Supervision of Police Personnel" training on May 7th and 8th in Springfield. 

This comprehensive course in first-line supervision provides the cornerstone for all your managerial and supervisory instruction. Typically, the best patrol officer is promoted and then expected to do an entirely different job equally well, with little or no instruction in how to effectively supervise others.

Supervision of Police Personnel focuses on understanding human behavior and day-to-day work relationships with subordinates, superiors, and the public. The instructors are police managers (active or retired) who combine extensive experience with solid academic credentials. Northwestern University Center for Public Safety is dedicated to increasing the personal effectiveness of emerging leaders as they navigate todays changing law enforcement environment and carry out the vision of law enforcement agencies across the country.

Supervision of Police Personnel assists first-line supervisors in meeting contemporary challenges and making the transition from officer to supervisor in a variety of ways. The officers study motivational principals, communications, ethics, professionalism, planning, decision-making, leadership, community image and much more.

For complete details and to access the registration link, Click on the document file below.